Square Bars

8mm Mild Steel Square

Our range of Mild Steel Round Bars. All supplied in grade S275. Available cut to any length, in self colour, primed or galvanised finishes. We can also fabricate all of our Mild Steel Round Bars to your drawings, we undertake projects ranging from garden ornaments to large steel framed buildings. Contact us for a quote today. All sizes are given in millimetres unless otherwise stated.

Section Size kg/m
8mm SQUARE 0.50
10mm SQUARE 0.79
12mm SQUARE 1.13
16mm SQUARE 2.01
20mm SQUARE 3.14
22mm SQUARE 3.80
25mm SQUARE 4.91
30mm SQUARE 6.80
35mm SQUARE 9.62
40mm SQUARE 12.60
45mm SQUARE 15.90
50mm SQUARE 19.60
60mm SQUARE 28.30